WMCO is a non-profit NGO that works on protecting women’s rights, helping GBV survivors, and providing psychosocial support for the survivors and victims of violence. Approximately 180 complains and cases are registered yearly. They are listened to, helped through legal counseling and provided with an attorney if one is needed to further investigate and help with the case. Many of the cases are resolved through conversation and minor actions, and those who are threatened to be killed are provided with protection in places such as the Women’s Shelters and provided with psychological therapy and familial guidance by professionals, For some of the cases that were under threat of death from their families after many tried and failed attempts to make peace with their families, our organization decided to slip them out of the country to save their lives. In the past, our organization has managed to send out 14 victims under serious threat of death, who were made up of 12 women and 2 men, here we mention some of those cases:- - A 17 years old girl, fell in love with a boy on her way to school, after her family knew about, they

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Child Marriage Takes Place & the Future of the Families is Endanger!

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Discrimination Against Women

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